Sizzling Cutie: Bridget Devlin Burke

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Popular Webzine Rogue Cinema rated “Cannibal Cheerleader Camp” as an indie film with probably the most beautiful women and that compliment holds true when referring to the slasher’s leading lady BRIDGET DEVLIN BURKE. It’s prevalent to equate cuteness with being sexy and BRIDGET is a dollface due for affection from all comers. Even as Cindy, Final Girl of “Cannibal Cheerleader Camp”, her likability never wavers and for a thriller lasting 18 minutes, the twist (there’s a Zombie!) is as riveting as her portrayal. Another term of endearment I can attach to BRIDGET is her congeniality as this week, she joined a group of actresses in giving kudos to me with the ultimate praise of ‘You’re The Best!’. It has always been a blessing to be in touch with such kind ladies and another piece of good fortune, they usually have juicy updates to unveil.

She’s kindly given me the heads up on her upcoming project “5678” which is on the fund raising trail via IndieGoGo. A mix of war themes, one not so blissful homecoming and in BRIDGET’s words, some kick-ass dancing paves the way for what would be an interesting watch indeed. She’s also shooting a short film coming up called “Empty or Missing” written and directed by Ian Albetski. Furthermore, BRIDGET is slated to join the cast of Cabaret for Port Tobacco Players’ upcoming production. Notice that she’s acted alongside fellow hottie Jenna St. John in several features, the aforementioned “Cannibal Cheerleader Camp”, “6 nonsmokers” and the fascinating “Virgin 2.0″ where they both played women who lost their virginity to a smooth talker. Joining forces, they put a stop to the lecherous lothario…painfully that is! Check BRIDGET out at her most adorable in the video (above) and she even shone in her other part as the cranky yet wise mother figure. A born performer spanning across many genres (her mother was an actress too!), BRIDGET is gaining a foothold in the industry and heading for a breakthrough role.

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