Indie Queen: Mary Mackey

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Endorsing captivating women on Film/TV are a staple of life and the very classy MARY MACKEY effuses a stunning glow to treasure. Previously, a successful runaway model for the bigwigs of fashion such as Donna Karan and Yves Saint Laurent, she can be seen in a host of television shows as well as independent features. I first saw her on MTV’s raunchy “The Hard Time Of RJ Berger” as Mrs Swanson, mother of Dream Girl Jenny Swanson (played by Maxim Hometown Hottie Amber Lancaster). Guess we know where Jenny’s foxy genes came from and while the comedy series is steeped in fiction, one can deduce why MARY was cast as her mum. She’s a yummy blonde indeed and judging from her bikini pic (above), passion for her is mere moments away. Mary has not only touch lives with her beauty as a performer, she’s also inspired confidence in people as an acting and life coach. Using her experience in various areas of entertainment, she’s imparted crucial know-how to help aspiring actors achieve their career goals. Mary also teaches a class on Hope at the Los Angeles Detention Center (LAMDC) which can be exhaustive and yet her perseverance in the most difficult of environments is laudable.

MARY is a lady of many gifts which brings me to her evolution as an indie starlet. In the psychological thriller “Sensored”, she was the voice of reason as Victoria, the psychiatrist of a disturbed serial killer who tries to halt his murderous instincts which proved futile and ends in a shocking climax!! Accessing the comfort level in fleshing out her role was key in depicting such a calm, non-threatening demeanor onscreen. MARY does subscribe to the notion of being comfortable in one’s skin as an actress as she has demonstrated starring alongside Don Johnson and John Schneider. A gorgeous face is clearly addictive, yet it’s the depth of the endeavors undertaken by Miss MARY MACKEY that will see her prosper.

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