Latin Vixen: Ivet Corvea

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The Dawn of a new wave of exploitation queens is upon us and Cuban Princess IVET CORVEA is rapidly emerging as a symbol of female virility on film. Amassing a track record of strong performances in some of the vilest subject matter, conventions are thrown out of the window as soon as the debauchery happens onscreen. Her villainous antics as bisexual rapist Marla in “Run! Bitch Run!” earned IVET a respected notoriety; her arousal by way of forced feet sucking and her uninhibited lesbian love scenes celebrating some of the more sordid instances. For someone so nasty, IVET was every bit as polished when invoking the depraved attitude of her character Marla, excelling from start to finish as the immoral femme fatale. Her appearance in the grindhouse feature “Nude Nuns With Big Guns” didn’t shy away from the explicit raunchiness and degradation, its treatment towards women of the cloth as they are abused left, right and center make for one disturbing viewing! Hot on the heels of religious-themed horrors is “Bloody Bloody Bible Camp” which has IVET in a starring role, only this time, there’s a serial killer wearing a habit who is the desecrater of human lives….this NUN is not one to be messed with!

Right now you can catch her on the digital front in the web series “They Live Among Us” as the prostitute Serafina in a tale of gothic romance and fallen angels. IVET has a unique sex appeal, her luscious curls forming one of many highly attractive assets and one has to check out Episode 2 (above) with her as Serafina to notice her radiance. In this role, she’s shown her adeptness in taking viewers on a rollercoaster of emotions, expressing herself capably as a tortured soul. She’s clearly a versatile actress but if she continues to dazzle in exploitation films, IVET could become as popular as some of the genre’s finest such as Pam Grier and Dyanne Thorne.

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