Canadian Vixen: Leyla Milani

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Swooning at the sight of LEYLA MILANI would be the most natural thing in the world to do for she’s immaculate from every angle. A photographer’s dream babe, LEYLA is divinely photogenic, her Persian roots an extension of her abundant allure. It’s on a level so smoldering, lusty thoughts are sure to figure somewhere in our minds. Remember when she appeared in “Wrestlemaniac” bearing the gift of sensuality in a memorable all-girl threesome which should be ranked as one of the sauciest scenes in living memory. Her fellow actresses have to be the luckiest gals in the world having tasted LEYLA’s desirably, pouty lips. Even Oprah Winfrey enthuses about her thanks to her stint as Briefcase Girl #13 on “Deal or No Deal”, couch potatoes similarly in awe with her dazzling persona. While I’m seeing a pattern of feminine preoccupation with her, male fans will agree LEYLA has the sexpot image sealed from the very start. Can’t take your eyes off her then visit the informative LEYLA MILANI OFFICIAL SITE.

“The Boys and Girls Guide To Getting Down” is yet another feature we should watch intently as it’s LEYLA reproducing her signature vampy side, constantly in a state of teasing enticement. A sought after personality, LEYLA is also prominent as a model and host, her perceptible exoticness bound to be the center of perpetual attraction. Highly regarded as possessing a TV Quotient, this Jill of all trades commands much devotion, leaving us decidedly starstruck by her visible sensuality. She’s affectionately called Lucky Leyla and all the signs point to her longevity on the entertainment scene.

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