Ravishing Redhead: Laura Meadows

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With Red having ingrained itself as the primary color of Christmas through the years, today’s feature is in praise of ginger-haired vixen LAURA MEADOWS. While it’s discernible that LAURA has the voluptuous figure to amply mesmerize, she’s flourishing on her multifarious flair in all forms of entertainment. On TV in “1000 Ways To Die”, she appeared as a sexy Southern gal riding a tractor all the way to the liquor store to satiate her alcoholic cravings until she meets a grisly ending. All sassy bravado and under the influence, LAURA more than impressed in the trashy housewife with a death wish role. On film, she stars as Carolyn Redd in spooky voodoo flick “The Legend of Black Annie” and the unnerving trailer (above) suggests ghostly happenings although LAURA’s part is an eerie enigma….is she the woman in white?? On the web (now you know LAURA’s a dazzler on 3 Fronts), she’s one of the central figures in “One Warm Night”, a series of mysteries and secrets that will have us questioning the flux of reality. In the behind the scenes clips of “One Warm Night”, we get to see her being sprightly, affirming she’s a bundle of fun on set.

The crew and cast members must be having a ball whenever LAURA’s around and her merriness is bound to rub off on audiences as well. Therefore a visit to the LAURA MEADOWS OFFICIAL SITE should follow as we begin to recognize her gratifying body of work, prevalently on the indie scene. Known for exploring the human experience whenever she takes the screen, trust her to catch the eye with a measure of entrancing believability. In keeping with the impending festive mood, let’s pay compliments to LAURA for making great strides in the biz.

2 thoughts on “Ravishing Redhead: Laura Meadows

  1. Thank you so much for recognizing my work today. I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and a happy year. Keep watching for more excitement and fun coming up in 2012! Laura Meadows xxxooo

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