Naughty And Nice: 12 Actresses with The Red-Hot Sizzle Part 1


NAUGHTY FACTOR: Having moved to the Big Apple, Alexandra is dabbling in musical theater and was recently cast in the off off broadway musical “Have You Tried Sexx?”. She even displays her vocal talents with a sexy Jazz Number Bertha de Blues! Having watched her for some time, I liked to use the phrase ‘Voluptuosity’ to praise her saucy attributes; A voluptuous beauty with the necessary electricity defining her every nuance as a performer.

NICE FACTOR: She’s consistently kept in contact with her fans (me being one…YAY!) and has also updated me on her life both professionally an personally. Kindly updating me on what she’s been up to, she recently played Rita Coolidge on the bio channel in the show “Celebrity Ghost Sightings” as well as having two Herbal Essences commercials air. Alexandra is also the one who reminded me to come up with this article, thereby inspiring me to greater heights!


NAUGHTY FACTOR: If the number of views (which has surpassed 115,000) on youtube of her lovemaking scene from “The House Of The Rising Number” are a reflection of Miss Debra Harrison-Lowe’s appeal, it is a justifiable one. Her tumble in the hay with Danny Trejo ranks as one of the steamiest in 2011. Things got even more tastier when she starred in the raunchy TV show “Chemistry” as a shoe consultant with a foot fetish…I bet there’s Happy Feet eveywhere!

NICE FACTOR: While she’s comfortable with the diction of any accent, it has to be her native British one that prompts avid fascination. It’s great to see Debra keeping the Brit accent on “Chemistry”, her classy enunciation makes me want to listen to her all day long. Endowed with a pair of gorgeous blue eyes and her endearing disposition, there’ll be plenty of global infatuation in her future.


NAUGHTY FACTOR: The mega racy trailer for Season 2 of “Shameless” (above) unmistakably affirms why Shanola Hampton is one of the Sexiest Women in TV Land. The kind of tease she generates with her built for sin figure, countless disrobing and there’s even a lil’ booty shaking at the stripper pole as Veronica Fisher in the clip is the continuation of the sensual fervor she represents on the audacious show. Yummy! We want more please!

NICE FACTOR: Success has come quickly for her yet Shanola is as down-to-earth as she’s always been. For me, I find it astounding that a big star such as her would be corresponding with me as well as her worldwide fans and acknowledging our fandom for her. Shanola’s megawatt smile mirrors the accommodating persona she has and her amiability is on genuine ground. We won’t overlook the kindheartedness that resides within her.


NAUGHTY FACTOR: The pic of her as a Santarina in the body-hugging zebra leotard (above) is both a fashion statement and a cherished image that will live long after Christmas. Deirdre once played an Atlantic City Seductress who kept the great Tony Soprano enchanted and while her wonderful indie feature “Santorini Blue” was a love story, the sight of her in various states of undress will always be mouth-watering for she has a killer bod.

NICE FACTOR: No hot list is ever complete without a vivacious blonde who so happens to be an indie darling and Deirdre is a delight on both counts. One has to have affectionate partiality towards Deirdre’s twitter profile where she summarizes herself as an actress, filmmaker and adventure seeker who loves a good story… and kindness. Now that’s tells a lot about her beautiful soul which I’m sure many can’t wait to be touched by.


NAUGHTY FACTOR: She’s proven that red is her color and even in the throes of blood, Scream Queen Melissa Bacelar effortlessly manages to bewitch. With the features of a Victoria Secrets angel and her head turning figure, she’s the bombshell every move buff, horror or otherwise would jump at any chance to meet. She’s also been an adult model, pin-up and has graced various magazines; This is one glamor girl we can’t stop gawking!

NICE FACTOR: She’s well regarded as a fabulous human being and a passionate advocater of animal rights…after all Melissa is a celebrated Pet Psychic. With so much love flowing through her every pore, it’s no wonder we want to display our appreciation for her right back. She also admires people who are grounded in the face of fame and is fully content with what she has achieved thus far, amazing us with her modest, easygoing nature.


NAUGHTY FACTOR: We love our sweethearts of the screen and when they don bikinis, the ardor justs keeps on growing. The photogenic Briana Lane is a sight to behold in her red bikini and is just as sumptuous as a host,model or actress. Check her out guest-starring on “Drop Dead Diva” as SIERRA who is involve in a litigation battle with her employer. It’s a flirtatiously sassy performance from Briana, even the camera was drawn to her enticing legs and perkiness.

NICE FACTOR: Briana is one of the very first actresses I came into contact on Facebook and she’s kept me as her friend/fan going on 2 plus years now. In the fickleness of the online world, she’s been a captivating constant and while some actresses have deleted me though as an actress lover i bear no grudge (ok…just a little…oops!), Briana does keep me in the loop on her endeavors. How can one not love an adorable face such as hers…Briana’s crushable indeed!

3 thoughts on “Naughty And Nice: 12 Actresses with The Red-Hot Sizzle Part 1

    1. Dierdre is also a doll and I’m eternally grateful to her for spreading the word about The Actress Obsession Blog. She’s a gem!

  1. Deirdre has a big heart, lot’s of passion for the business and pleasure of entertainment,
    and makes any man..or woman look good in a picture or in person!
    I am sure she will reach to the top!
    Claudio Laniado
    Convivencia Forever Films

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