Naughty And Nice: 12 Actresses with The Red-Hot Sizzle Part 2


NAUGHTY FACTOR: It’s easy to gravitate towards someone as magnetic as Anne Leighton for she has a coyness that’s unmissable and a most sexy figure. Her body has in fact been used in the print ads/opening credits for the gripping TV series “American Horror Story” and it is now apparent her svelte legs are just as beguiling. The one thing we know for sure is Anne’s addictive sauciness, from her turn as Sparky in the web series “Superseven” to when I first saw her kittenish ways on indie horror flick “Cyrus”.

NICE FACTOR: She may be a newly minted blonde but as we have discovered hair color has no bearing on one’s personality and Anne’s appeal revolves around sweetness. So much so I and possibly many others harbor hopes that Anne survives each time she’s in a horror flick as what could happen in her newest one “House Of Purgatory” (above)… a Christmas wish perhaps…;) Off camera, Anne gives us the friendliest of vibes so being enamored with her occurs briskly.


NAUGHTY FACTOR: She became a cult princess as the compassionate hooker Abby in “Hobo With A Shotgun” and some might consider Molly’s role as the lady of the night racy. Yet she embodied a memorable character in the humorously twisted grindhouse flick, her skimpily-dressed lolita in fishnets, a temptingly free spirit and who can forget the striking heart tattoo on her chest. Just like it, you’ll have your tickers set on Molly in no time at all.

NICE FACTOR: Interviewers have noted how accessible she is and one in particular remembered how genial she was at Sundance during the festival run of “Hobo With A Shotgun”. Add to that, Molly’s outpouring of love for her ever increasing fanbase who have passionately watched her onscreen multiple times. If there is a comparison to be made, I reckon she could be the effervescent cutie to take over the mantle of one Jennifer Jason Leigh.


NAUGHTY FACTOR: It’s probably how she once mentioned that the casting couch is still very much alive in Hollywood circles having encountered sleazy types on her road to a successful career. Or it could well be her comely smile that arouses interest. Or maybe it is her in the sexy suit as Detective Nina Inara on the CBS crime drama “Unforgettable” which she calls the flyest suit ever! Power dressing does induce lust thanks to Daya as so often a woman in uniform does.

NICE FACTOR: Daya wrote to me after I featured her on the Actress Obsession Blog: ‘Thank you for your article! I feel very flattered by what you said. It’s really gratifying to be in the business this long and finally be able to be in a project and play a role that allows me to take my acting and career to the next level. I appreciate your support; good luck and keep writing (esp if that is your dream and heart)!’ – This is why my adoration for the gracious soul that is Daya Vaidya will be neverending.


NAUGHTY FACTOR: Famed for being the sensous host of “Descontrol”, a national broadcast TV show on Telemundo, Jessie has heated up Saturdays to its maximum and is also expected to spice up the screen in the upcoming “Treasure Of The Black Jaguar” as a Femme Fatale. If you have the chance, watch this video of her shaking her money maker while engaging in a bout of suggestive gameplay via WiFit. The vision of her bouncing around still causes us to drool…:)

NICE FACTOR: Jessie has an innate passion for meeting new people that are full of energy and are driven which I can say I’m one of the blessed ones to be in contact with her. Straightaway, you sense her fun-loving personality, what you see is what you get with her, illustrating her genuine warmth. Well…she was previously a cop keeping us and our interests safe before sizzling things up as a most luscious entertainer. I’m sure we wouldn’t mind having Jessie as our protector…;)


NAUGHTY FACTOR: She may not be grinding any loins in her video “PG Rated Lapdance” (above) but she’s made the dreams of guys everywhere come true, with some clamoring for her to do the dirty deed at their houses!! The bustylicious web vixen has become more than just an internet personality having been called a master manipulator of netizens with those bosom buddies of hers. When Lisa Foiles speaks geek, we listen intently and tend to get highly excitable!

NICE FACTOR: What’s not to like when a girl can dispense techie knowledge with a spunkiness as sunny as the day which Lisa has been doing on a regular basis; She was unmistakably the centre of attention as the quirky host of the web segment “Top 5 with Lisa Foiles”. Recognized as a video game enthusiast, her reverence as a Geek Goddess is thoroughly merited which Lisa’s huge following on Twitter and Facebook will attest to. She obviously knows how to push all the right buttons….in-game or otherwise…:)


NAUGHTY FACTOR: She has a whole lot of cleavage going on as a neurotic wife-to-be in the hilarious “Bridezilla” skit (above) which was written by Caroline herself. She’s seducing our eyes and in the very first few seconds proving how her Southern Belle allure can make many a man weak at the knees. Oh how I keep getting captivated by blondes such as Caroline, the devotion towards them a consequence of their bubbly zest which can titillate at any time.

NICE FACTOR: A sexy cutie who can make us laugh always has our vote and Caroline is a gifted comedienne. A sexy cutie who sends her autograph all the way from the US to the residence of one lucky overseas fan (me!) endears herself completely…a measure of a person is the feat he or she does and this was a considerable gesture on her part that till today will not be forgotten. Taking a cute from her surname, Miss Caroline is truly rich in talents as well as deeds.

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