Indie Princess: Christina Desiere

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Our keenness on an actress may stemmed from varying reasons but every now and again, a vixen like CHRISTINA DESIERE comes along to gain our attention. This petite honey has been a delectable factor in several independent films, one being “Vamps In The City”, a saucy, blood-soaked satire of “Sex In The City”. She bares some serious fangs as well a tease of her voluptuous figure which in turn garnered her some love on IMDB recently. Her upcoming role as the stripper Kara in “Devil On My Shoulder” should translate to more fervor especially since she’ll be in a skimpy cowgirl outfit for the most part (check out her fabulous reels above). In 2012, she’s making her presence felt with a couple of great projects lined up, the first of which will have her in the director’s chair for the short film based on Stephen King’s “Harvey’s Dream”. The second is another short that she wrote called “Legendary” (about a 60’s actress on the rise to fame who meets an unfortunate end) set to film in the spring with her as the leading lady.

Make sure to visit the CHRISTINA DESIERE OFFICIAL SITE for her collection of immaculate photos. Actresses from the Swinging Sixties have been known to rev up hormones and with CHRISTINA about to play one, some of her pics do recall the poise and personality of starlets from yesteryear. It must be CHRISTINA’s kittenish demureness that will have us feeling amorous about her, particularly when she happens to be so tangibly pleasant. She did keep me in the loop of her future projects even though we just started corresponding which in my book is a cherished act. So let her dazzle our hearts to its utmost contentment.

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