Ravishing Redhead: Mam Smith

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The time is ripe to celebrate the hottest bodies in showbiz and stuntwoman/actress/choreographer MAM SMITH possesses a svelte figure certain to have us saying “Yes MAM”. Her stunt work be it as a high-flying aerialist or engaging in some of the more dangerous exploits onscreen are consistently graceful and athletic. If you’re waiting for the Spiderman “Reborn” arc to begin, MAM is an outstanding talent who can defy gravity and would give Spidey a run for his money any day. In an episode of Dana Delaney’s “Body Of Proof” as a top magazine editor who is found dead, she pulls off impressive maneuvers while even under water…one can say it’s an electrifying scene! Having also dazzled at MTV’s 2002 Music Video Awards and the 2003 Grammy Awards where she performed with P Diddy and Gwen Stefani, her cool factor is firmly entrenched. Her other notable accomplishments include work on “Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen” and doubling for Charisma Carpenter, the female lead of the thriller “Deadly Sibling Rivalry”.

You may have noticed how photogenic she is, that even on stills she’s full of enticing radiance. Check out the action movie “3 Musketeers” to view her in the role of evil agent Winters and while she’s exceptionally cute, her maniacal side does come to the fore. Looking for a woman who can fascinate us beyond just the acting department?? That would be the Scarlet Temptress MAM SMITH who has the boldness and the moves to leave us spellbound.

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