Sex Bomb: Diora Baird

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One Republic got it spot on with their hit “Stop and Stare” which many of us can’t help doing when we come across the bountiful delights of DIORA BAIRD. The day when she opted out of a breast reduction procedure ala Drew Barrymore is when everyone around the world heaved a huge sigh of relief. Just like the busty temptress Christina Hendricks, DIORA’s natural 32DD boobs are heaven sent. Even the trailer for her latest film “Transit” zooms in on those must worshiped assets of hers (check out the 0:13 mark), her days as a pneumatic Sex Symbol of the 21st Century well and truly celebrated. In what is her most physical role to date, she put out some big guns in “Transit” as Arielle, one of four thieves on the lamb after stealing $4 million. Their well-laid plan goes awry when a decision to stash the bounty descends into a chase thriller full of bloody mayhem. It’s a feast for the eyes with Diora alongside “Jesus” Jim Caveziel and Elizabeth Röhm making up the mega attractive cast.

What catapulted her to fame may have been her sumptuousness on the pages of PLAYBOY but her feminine wilds onscreen ensures outright engrossment. She was in her element of naughtiness in both “Hot Tamale” and “Night Of The Demons”, effortlessly frisky and transmitting a hypnotic sensuality on a highly profound level I must say. Yet even with all the attention, DIORA has an adorable humility and can tickle us pink as seen on her various Funny Or Die skits. Not one to trumpet how apparently easy she can make anyone feel horny, DIORA acknowledges comments about her body even the more salacious ones. She’s working with what she was blessed with and living her life to the fullest…she does post interesting snapshots of herself on Twitter. We’re grateful DIORA and Thanks for the mammaries!

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