Rising Starlet: Candice Coke

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Her titillating coitus on a plane in the TV series “Hung” would make us join the mile-high club in a hurry and why not when CANDICE COKE is endowed with ample sauciness. This past week, the Actress Obsession Blog has been getting traffic from the acclaimed nudie site CNDB and in turn, the feature today on CANDICE highlights her bit in one of the hottest sex scenes of 2011. Does Thomas Jane have the best job in the world or what!! While “Pan-Am” has its share of copulation in the air which one journalist coined “Sex in the Cockpit”, the modern day rendezvous at around 30,000 feet on “Hung” is pure eroticism. The credit has to go to Candice and Thomas for doing the dirty with such plausibility….the carnal fondling of body parts was patently realistic. A woman of many flavors, CANDICE also mesmerizes in many other areas including the artform of dance, having shared the stage with Michael Jackson, Prince and Shakira. It’s an amazing feat considering she never took formal lessons, flourishing instead on her intuition of self expression.

Winning the ‘WAB Best Performance in an Acting Role-Female’ award for the indie film “The Algerian” is indicative of her natural onscreen verve. Appearances on hit shows “Bones” and “90210” would have been a boost for CANDICE as she endeavors to become a notable actress. I love how she’s articulating herself in multiple creative outlets which would bode well for her longevity as a performer. Occasionally, she might flaunt her hot body as scripts so often dictate but CANDICE’s winning formula has to be her instinctive versatility.

News just in from CANDICE herself: She’s in Tyler Perry’s “The Marriage Counsoler” movie to be released in March 2012. Now theres something we all wouldn’t miss for the world!

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