British Vixen: Coralie Rose

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It’s an art to be both sweet and saucy, that most alluring of traits by which CORALIE ROSE can bring into play whenever she graces the screen. Paul Breuls, the producer of “The Devil’s Double” may have jumped the gun when he remarked how UK actresses are perceived as having a conservative reputation. He probably is not privy to CORALIE’s racy love scenes in “Rise Of The Footsoldier” thereby proving it’s a misnomer to suggest they aren’t as sexually adventurous as their counterparts from other countries. Pics of CORALIE in her stripper Red-Riding Hood getup wielding a shotgun from the upcoming “Strippers Vs Werewolves” should instigate excitement. As will horrormeister Robert Englund and the bevy of eye candy namely Barbara Nedeljakova, Ali Bastian, Adele Silva and a topless Gloria Savage. What mischievousness will the girls be doing I wonder but already Coralie’s character Brandi is said to be as wittily funny as she is beguiling. Known for her humor on set, she’ll perk us up any day of the week.

Following up on her vampish turn in 2010’s “Dead Cert”, she’s been stirringly wonderful in films coming out from both LA and London. Her multi-ethnic allure magnifies the sultry innocence of her looks and destined to be a crowd pleaser is CORALIE’s cosmopolitan appeal . It’s no surprise to hear she’s a beauty/features editor on the celebrated Positively Celebrity website. More than ever British Sirens are making inroads in Hollywood as entertainers from luminaries such as Emily Blunt and Rosamund Pike to emerging ones like Juno Temple. Favoring Miss CORALIE ROSE as another who’s all the rage is therefore customary.

3 thoughts on “British Vixen: Coralie Rose

  1. just saw her in strippers vs werewolves.
    looks 11/10
    acting 7/10.character wasn’t given enough depth but that’s not her fault.can’t make diamonds from a turd. lol. beleivable fright scenes

    1. Well at least you’re honest! But certainly one has to say Miss Coralie has the delectable factor which i believe no one can deny!

  2. For me, Coralie Rose is the most naturally, beautiful female I have ever seen in my life! I thought she was great in “Rise of the Footsoldier”. The scene where is dancing at the rave she had it off perfectly (Showing my age here but big box, little box dancing was not around when early acid house came to the UK. Some of the actors decided to dance like that in the film. It was too much like Gatecrasher club nights, not how early acid house was.)
    Gutted that she didn’t have a bigger part in “The Prisoner”. I can’t even remember seeing her in it (did she have her back to the camera in the restaurant? Waste of pure talent if it was)
    She possesses the most beautiful and captivating smile I have ever seen. Can’t help but fall for Miss Rose.

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