Sizzling Cutie – Maddy Curley

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MADDY CURLEY is fetchingly adorable, has worked with ‘The Dude’ Jeff Bridges and is well-known as an accomplished gymnast. Now how cool is that! Include the fact that she’s a gregarious blonde and you would know where my affinity lies. In her debut film, the gymnastics comedy Disney’s “Stick It”, she was a scene stealer, displaying her athletic prowess as she goes from timid gymnast to assuredly sassy wonder girl. There should really be a campaign started to get MADDY on Season 3 of “Make It Or Break It” since she has the best of both worlds. Her extensive background as a a gymnast as well as her gifts as an actress would add an interesting slant to what is essentially a spicy TV Series. If you’ve seen the characters she’s played, MADDY is as astute as any at conveying dark humor. Her upcoming feature “Prayer Hour” will see her as a member of the production team trying to propel a struggling televangelist towards richness. Expect sarcasm aplenty as less than honorable intentions become the means to instant fame.

It was a pleasant surprise when she wished me “Merry Christmas” on Facebook knowing how busy actresses can be nowadays. She also recently wrote about how we should always embody the spirit, talent, desire and a never give up attitude! From my own experience on trying to land a job, I concur with the mantra she mentioned for it’s not simplistic to say the road to success has a lot to do with our resoluteness. MADDY herself has a steady stream of appearances on films, television and the web, each time captivating us with her ebullient attractiveness. The spunky charisma she has is driving MADDY to greater heights and as her supporters we wish her the very best.

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