Sexy Cutie: Ginifer King

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While audiences around the world are attuning themselves with the foxy starlet GINIFER KING, she’s already a memorable face on US television. Best known for portraying a mentally unstable attorney on “Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior”, she dons a blonde wig for a large chunk of the episode ‘Lonely Hearts’ as serial killer Rachel Lancroft. It’s actually now showing on Asian cable channels and you’ll be riveted by the disturbing psychological content. In the first few minutes, there’s a hot seduction scene culminating in a murderous rage as GINIFER went knee deep into this most tormented of personas. We all know villains get under our skins and GINIFER delivers a memorable depiction of one’s uncontrollable urges to kill. It’s also nice to hear from her how Forest Whitaker and Janeane Garofalo were gracious on set, reflecting well on the people who make the industry tick. While GINIFER has truly hypnotizing eyes, her sweet nature will persuade us to acknowledge her pleasing congeniality.

GINIFER’s belief system is such she never stops learning and a while back had this to say “Just because I’m acting all the time doesn’t mean I’ve made it.” She’s looking well ahead of the horizon and this month of January, we’ll be treated to her enticing Cabaret routines in the entertaining LA show For the Record: Baz Luhrmann. She has played Satine (the role Nicole Kidman so famously performed) in the “Moulin Rouge” portion of the show and the videos on youtube of her singing in a sheer red camisole does arouse the senses. With her illuminating both on stage and screen, we’ll be fondly anticipating GINIFER to sparkle.

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