Canadian Vixen: Jodie Dowdall

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Ever so often, we give plaudits to the rising talents of Canada and the charming JODIE DOWDALL is a svelte brunette everyone should know about. Having recently heard how nice fellow Canadian Emily VanCamp, star of TV series “Revenge” is on set (one of her co-stars vouches that she is extremely down to earth and as lovely in personality as she is on screen), you’ll find those same qualities in JODIE. She did warmed many a heart as social worker Nancy in the Hallmark Original “The Santa Suit”. As the love interest of Kevin Sorbo’s greedy CEO turned Santa Claus in this tender drama, JODIE lines herself up as a would-be apple of one’s eye with ease. It’s agreeable that this actress/model is an ample delight, the honesty of her acting markedly enjoyable.

Her other credits include appearances in “Queer as Folk”, “Earth Final Conflict” and “The Newsroom”. She’s also the leading lady in the ultra-violent “Dead Dreams” which has been labeled as gross because of its unnerving tooth extraction scenes. Heading into much more disturbing territory, JODIE’s journey as a murder victim sees her amnesiac husband trying to piece together the horrific event. There’s elements of Memento and Groundhog Day, as slowly but surely the pieces fall into place. Once more JODIE plays a pivotal role and she’s a big part of the thriller’s focus on its mysterious events. With her shining in both lighter and darker fare, JODIE’s days as a budding starlet is already in motion.

2 thoughts on “Canadian Vixen: Jodie Dowdall

    1. Jodie wrote a nice thank you note for me on facebook so she is a darling. Canadian Hotties we can’t get enough of!

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