Sundance 2012 Hottie Special: French Vixen Lila Salet

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Tinkerbell glamor meets sweet mystique at Sundance Film Festival 2012 as French cutie LILA SALET promises to bewitch audiences. It’s because of founder Robert Redford and the continuous success of this prestigious event that has enabled us to glimpse the global foxiness of screens sirens. This year’s edition runs from January 19th to 29th at Park City, Utah and “Simon Killer”, a mystery revolving around a college graduate’s chance encounter with a young prostitute on the streets of Paris sees LILA in a supporting role. There’s sexual undercurrents in this tale of hidden secrets weaved by the masterful Antonio Campos and for some may remind us of Brando’s “Last Tango in Paris”. This actress/model is a fixture on red carpets, gracing last year’s Cannes as a fashion forward stunner. If ever they did a French version of “My Week With Marilyn”, LILA would be perfect as the Blonde Icon, not taking anything away from the brilliance of Michelle Williams. Being also regarded as versatile gives LILA a distinct advantage.

Stumbling upon the scene of her stimulating a guy in the surrealistic TV series “Xanadu” (watch the video above), it’s obvious she’s has no qualms in the edgy sensuality stakes. The toothpaste ejaculation is pretty bizarre but at least we get an eyeful of LILA as a spaced-out vixen amidst the electronic beats. She is a doll and her career has indeed revolved around music with a notably sexy appearance in Benjamin Diamond video “There is a girl”. On her way to becoming another of France’s gorgeous discovery, here’s a belle to covet and she goes by the name of LILA SALET.

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