Sundance 2012 Hottie Special: Indie Princess Marianna Palka


When CNN included MARIANNA PALKA in their “Young People Who Rock” List, it started a chain reaction of buzz for this multi-talented entertainer. In 2008, she was hailed as the youngest filmmaker at 26 and gain numerous plaudits for her movie “Good Dick”. Poignant and moving, she weaved a tale of the travails a woman so often encounters in real life specifically struggles in love. At this year’s Sundance Film Fest, this Polish/Scottish beauty will be exceptional once again in “Spoonful” as one of three sisters return to their childhood home after the death of their father. Much of MARIANNA’s work either onscreen or behind the scenes as a director breeds a social awareness which she believes to be the soul of any good independent film. Not only am I honored to be in contact with such an illustrious and intelligent lady, her indie cred is very much a big draw for me and for many who have deemed her highly watchable. One only has to look at a reel to witness how impressive she can be.

Juicy fact: Marianna is the long-time girlfriend of Jason Ritter, TV star and son of the late John Ritter. It’s a love built on devotion hence they’re journey as a couple for more than 10 years. They’ve both gifted of course and good-looking, a true match made in heaven! Truthful performances are what she delivers and the grittiness so apparent in the thriller “Restive” is augmented by MARIANNA’s depth at portraying an abused woman. Since she’s able to stir the pot of emotions so adeptly, the consensus would of one of instant admiration. Just like her peers, MARIANNA is driving the indie spirit towards its pinnacle.

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