Aussie Vixen: Hannah Levien

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In honor of Australia Day, today’s spotlight is on the radiant Australian actress HANNAH LEVIEN. It was in the role of a teenage runaway from the jarring flick “The Horseman” that I first came across HANNAH. The Horseman tells of the killing spree a man undertakes after first finding out his daughter (played by HANNAH) is dead and later discovering a tape of her heavily doped up, being forced to perform lewd acts in an adult movie. As he executes his ultimately gory revenge on the people responsible for his family tragedy, the disturbing themes multiply as a web of conspiracy is eventually revealed. Thumbs up to HANNAH for shining in an intense role and you will find out she’s a very capable dramatic actress. Take a look at the HANNAH LEVIEN OFFICIAL SITE to learn more about her.

She’s been called an extraordinary talent, her soulful blue eyes enabling her to emote some of the more gripping moments onscreen, therefore to be taken in by her is effortless. Captivation comes in many forms and hers is emitted so naturally, it glows! HANNAH has also recently branched into comedy as part of ‘The Mort Eclectic’ who are breathing new life into funny moments the entertainment world tends to throw up. With her versatility as a performer, this fair-skinned cutie could very well be your Delight From Down Under.

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