Canadian Vixen: Rikki Gagne

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With the impending worldwide DVD release of “Dead Hooker In A Trunk” on 31st Jan, RIKKI GAGNE, one of the stars of the audacious flick is deserving of the plaudits. RIKKI is absorbing from the start as Junkie, the rock singer who together with her friend Badass (Jen Soska) find a dead hooker in the car boot, kickstarting a psychedelic adventure where they find themselves trying to stay alive. In the school of hard knocks, getting your arm ripped off by a truck is a given as this is exactly what happens to RIKKI’s character Junkie. You may already know RIKKI as a premier stuntwoman best known for her work on many episodes of “Smallville”. Phenomenal is not enough a word to describe her as she’s put her body on the line in some of the most death-defying stunts. She’s hung on for dear life from fast moving vehicles and even jumped through glass windows, inspiring awe for this courageous actress/stuntwoman.

Jen & Sylvia Soska sure have the knack for spotting talent and it’s great to know Soska twins have casted RIKKI in their upcoming film “American Mary”. It’s a freakish insight into the world of underground surgery with Katharine Isabelle of “Ginger Snaps” fame in the lead role. Wondering how RIKKI fits into the grand scheme of things but it’s sure going to be a visceral experience. This stylish brunette is regarded as someone who can hooked audiences into having a vested interest in the persona she’s depicting. Adept as both a stunt double or leading lady, Miss RIKKI GAGNE will be inveigling us for the long haul.

3 thoughts on “Canadian Vixen: Rikki Gagne

  1. Rikki Gagne is a fantastic stuntwoman, and a wonderful actress. She has everything that producers should be looking for in their upcoming movies. I know and met her mom, they are both truly beautiful women. Congrats on the success, as I am sure there will be lots more. I will be awaiting upcoming features.

    1. I agree with you on all points about Miss Rikki Gagne. I’m blessed to be one of her fans and it pays off when one gets to see her strutting her stuff onscreen. Aren’t we all lucky to know her!

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