Sizzling Cutie: Michelle Paradise

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Featuring the vivacious MICHELLE PARADISE is to honor one of the most creative women in the industry today. The juicy news everyone should know about is she’s currently writing for Rachel Bilson’s charming series “Hart Of Dixie”. I also feel it’s my duty to advocate lesbians who are making waves especially in light of the Ellen Degeneres/JC Penny vs One Million Moms brouhaha. What has happened to our society when people resort to cultivating hate for another human being? The best way to combat the ignorance is to use positivity by highlighting the achievements of women regardless of sexual orientation. Thanks to MICHELLE, her comedy series “Exes & Ohs” gave us a look into the rules of dating a lesbian where every situation is very much grounded in reality. Friendship and jealousy are told through the eyes of real women, tangibly sensitive stories and none of the gloss we so often see. It’s a celebration of love and MICHELLE’s starring role as Jen (the girl searching for Ms Right) is plausibly enthralling.

As the writer,producer and leading lady of “Exes and Ohs”, MICHELLE struck a chord with viewers and critics alike. A visit to the MICHELLE PARADISE OFFICIAL SITE reveals the kudos she’s receiving from a host of websites and magazines, clearly indicating her growing influence. MICHELLE’s brand of humor is fostering a sphere of fondness and with her series, “Exes & Ohs” recently nominated by GLAAD as “Best Comedy Series” alongside Glee, Modern Family, The Big C, among others, she’s going to be an astounding newsmaker.

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