Sex Bomb: Darla Haun

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She’s known for having an immensely sexy voice and DARLA HAUN is prominently one of the foxiest women on our planet. While Zooey Deschanel was once described by talk-show host Craig Ferguson as possessing a innocent husky intonation, DARLA’s articulation is pure seductive appeal. Also famed for being an infomercial queen, she’s been a spokesperson for a variety of brands, from cosmetics to exercise equipment. With a sumptuous body like hers, it’s no wonder she a representative of fitness products. Once you’ve had a peek of DARLA, you can’t get enough! She does have a resplendent beauty similar to say someone like Diane Lane, therefore one has to appreciate the extent of DARLA’s sex appeal. If you need confirmation, head over to the DARLA HAUN OFFICIAL SITE to see this stunner in her full glory.

I bet she made many a young man’s fantasies come true as Mrs Ashmore in “The Pool Boys”, a comedy on the world’s oldest profession very much in the tradition of “American Pie”. We definitely wouldn’t mind watching her in the gold bikini by the pool side or any other location for that matter. It’s cougar alert at it most enticing!! In fact, she’s also made a sexy appearance on the TV series “Son Of The Beach” and has also been on “Desperate Housewives”. When referring to her irresistible aura, DARLA is endowed with lots of it and on a hugely delectable level.

One thought on “Sex Bomb: Darla Haun

  1. With that LOVELY figure, dazzling smile, and wonderful personality, Darla Haun, without a doubt, is THEE most Awesome Goddess on the planet

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