Latin Vixen: Bella Favela

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Even though Summer has yet to arrive, actress/model BELLA FAVELA has tons of smoldering sensuality to keep things hot and spicy. If you get a chance to view her latest photo shoots, it can easily become a swooning session since BELLA is an extraodinary hottie. We already know BELLA means a very beautiful woman whose personality and beauty are entrenched in our minds as soon as we catch sight of her. These are traits synonymous with BELLA FAVELA and her photogenic exquisiteness does tantalize without fail. Watch her demo reel (above) and let your hearts be enraptured by this kissable cutie. This week has been a showcase of delectable women such as BELLA on this blog and it has been a visual treat thus far.

She cites being an actress as one of two things she cherishes the most in the world and seeing how the camera accentuates her assets, she was born to be a performer. One of her modeling gigs, a boudoir shoot by renowned fashion photographer Gisela Prishker is pretty alluring and it’s unmissable so have a peek here: I was asked the question today why the fairer sex have such a hold on us guys and I’m discovering that some women like BELLA possess a striking glow we all find intoxicating.

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