Canadian Vixen: Jennifer Kosovic

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I can’t stress enough how the enchanting eyes of JENNIFER KOSOVIC played its part in fascinating me and she joins the likes of women such as Lynsey Fonseca (“Nikita”) who are certified hotties. She did show her saucy side in an episode of “Reaper”, making out in the changing room of a restaurant until leading man Bret Harrison as the devil’s bounty hunter Sam Oliver chanced upon the frisky activity (watch above). She also appeared in the Nickelodean science-fiction series “The Troop” although this time in a more light-hearted fashion. Many in Canada would have seen her in several promos for Rogers as well as the brand’s print ads for 2012, cutting a pretty figure in red-hot pants. Yup boys and girls, she’s quite the cutie!

Treasuring her pleasantness ever since our contact on Facebook, without question JENNIFER has been supportive of all my endeavors. Hence, I’m returning the favor by featuring her work where her most recent effort was in “Doll Parts”, the brutal horror short which has graced more than 35 Film Festivals. In the works is a new made-for-TV movie called “Virtual Lies” starring “Combat Hospital’s Christina Cox and we can’t wait to see JENNIFER’s role in the drama about cyber seduction. With this being Valentine’s Day, have a soft spot for JENNIFER and remember to shower her with plenty of love.

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