Blonde Bombshell: Dena Kollar

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One of the sauciest stars to have appeared in the late-night TV series “Co-ed Confidential”, DENA KOLLAR effortlessly enticed a generation of viewers. What does it matter that the erotic softcore comedy didn’t reach Asian shores when the wittiness of the show became a talking point for many around the globe. Give credit where its due to DENA and her fellow cast mates who brought us the frat-house hilarity which by all accounts was never overshadowed by the raunchiness. Buoyed by the foxy exploits of DENA who played Layla, the woman who tries to win her man back in Season 3 of “Co-ed Confidential”, the show was a must see! DENA is such a riveting cutie, it’s easy to see why she can be an addiction for any viewer. In the film “Costa Rican Summer”, she played a Swedish girl who spent a significant amount of time either in or out of a bikini. We all know the magnetic appeal of Swedes and DENA was convincingly flirty and funny throughout.

Blessed with delicate sensuality, it’s very much a trait in DENA we find ourselves doting on for she’s consistently been a sweet temptation. There’s no denying she’s been the titillating factor in a lot of the features she’s done and while we await her next venture, DENA has already left a markedly sexy impression.

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