Latin Vixen: Francia Raisa

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It’s no secret FRANCIA RAISA is regarded as one of the foxiest personalities in TV LAND. She’s a big reason why viewers constantly tune in to the teen soap “The Secret Life Of The American Teenager” and we can’t help but be charmed by her sensual, exotic features. Even to me who categorically would not fall under the young demographics of the show has to acknowledge FRANCIA is a Sex Symbol even in her tender years. Her turn as the infamous ‘School Slut’ Adrian Lee calls on her being both a seductress and an emotional wreck where FRANCIA proceeded to evoke such fascination. Her bright smile and full lips have been so irresistible, it’s taken her to quite a significant level of adulation. There were them photos of her as a sexy gal on roller skates that memorably demonstrated the extent of her beauty.

On that note, not sure if anyone noticed but one can say she could easily make waves in a Bollywood film too. Not only has she got the right looks, FRANCIA does have an array of skills as a dancer having been accomplished at hip hop, tap and Polynesian dance. Being multi-faceted seems to be key for many of today’s young actresses and while FRANCIA is descended from Latin radio royalty, she’s known as an affable starlet….:)

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