Sexy Siren: Kinga Philipps

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It’s a joy when one comes across a striking cutie such as KINGA PHILLIPS, the Polish-born actress being so telegenic on camera. Endowed with a sweet allure we could fall for, she’s one of the hosts on SYFY channel’s “Legend Quest”, hunting for the most powerful lost treasures in the world. In fact, she’s been hosting for several high profile shows and her passion for doing a variety of things has seen her dazzle on TV/Film. Her interchangeable spirit also means she’s no stranger to comedy sketches and has taken on the reins of producing. The bubbly self within her comes shining through as can be seen when she covered the popularity of nude tourism, her journalism instincts delivering a funny yet informative piece for all to enjoy. Yup she is that gorgeous to provoke a discussion of admiration.

Discover the many flavors of this yummy brunette at the KINGA PHILIPPS OFFICIAL SITE. An interesting nugget from her bio reveals she may in the future opt to live abroad for awhile, open an ice cream and oatmeal-raisin cookie somewhere in Bali. Hope that opportunity opens up and I for one would love if KINGA visited Asia…:) If you’re a couch potato, you’ve seen KINGA in edgy incarnations on “The West Wing”, “Cold Case”, “According to Jim” and NCIS LA. Just recently, she appeared on “Perception”, the newest series to hit TV Land! Certifiably desirable, KINGA is the hot performer everyone would love to adore!

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