Sizzling Cutie: Missy Yager

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Why wouldn’t someone as beautiful as MISSY YAGER not be surrounded by handsome men when she has such fetching features. On TV, Missy Yager caught the eye of the very much married Don Draper on the hit series “Mad Men”. Off air, she’s known as the other half of the hunky bartender from “True Blood”, Sam Trammell. Her adorability is a mixture of old-world and modern charms, allowing her to excel as the playful Sarah Beth Carson on “Mad Men” or milking the laughs on her popular web series “Faux Baby”. By the way, she’s a proud mother of twins with Sam Trammell and while she was on hiatus to raise her family, she’s already returned to television with a guest appearance on “Grey’s Anatomy”.

MISSY once remarked she wished dressing went back to the days when men looked like men and women looked like women alluding to the colorful era of the 1960s. While there’s no turning back the clock, seeing women in garter belts and pencil skirts do rank as being a bona fide tease. From her various red-carpet pics where she’s wearing an assortment of stylish dresses, it can be said MISSY does have a pretty glow about her. Some may have heard that she recently worked on the star-studded hit comedy “Friends With Kids” as a producer. Likewise many hope she returns to great form to bewitch us on the big and small screens.

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