Foxy Femme: Wendy Miklovic

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Actress, Stuntwoman and Singer, entertainer WENDY MIKLOVIC has shown she’s more than capable of flourishing in any arena she’s on. She may be 5-foot-3-inches tall yet WENDY’s mental and physical toughness has seen her execute stunts an average person would not dream of doing. After all she was for a long time, one of the highly rated stunt people attached to Universal Studios Hollywood. Before you see her physicality on former WWE Superstars Edge’s movie “Bending the Rules”, look out for her in the new episode of “Breakout Kings” this week. It’s called ‘Cruz Control’ and with her background in martial arts, will she be displaying her prowess once more? In addition, how can we not be captivated by her sultry blue eyes…:)

In fact, she recently heated up the stage as part of THE BIKINIS, your favorite girl-group from the 60s, bringing back the fun, sun and all the great music of that era. WENDY certainly has a melodious voice on top of sashaying ever so sexily in her green dress (watch the video above). One of the more physical actresses around, what she lacked in stature, she made it up by excelling in everything else. For that, we salute Miss WENDY MIKLOVIC who has done it all and strives to be the best she can be.

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