Sex Bomb: Cassie Fliegel

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Some girls have us wishing Summer arrives quickly and the stunning CASSIE FLIEGEL justifies a hastening of those sizzling days ahead. This 5″11′ blue-eyed temptress has one of the hottest bodies in entertainment and certain to garner boundless admiration. From her stint on “The Office” to appearances in music videos and independent features, CASSIE reminds us all of how her foxiness dazzles effortlessly onscreen. Comedian Rainn Wilson did share a steamy moment with her and subsequently led to many wishing they were in such a lucky position. You may have recently caught sight of her in the crime caper “The Girl From the Naked Eye” as a gangster’s moll or in a skin-tight catsuit in “Aliens VS Avatars”.

While she’s usually cast in dramas, CASSIE has tasted comedy with her bewitching presence ever present in everything she’s done. Plus there’s a cheerful energy she often brings to set, ensuring a fun session with her cast mates. Wouldn’t we all dream of being there with such an endearing hottie as CASSIE…:) She’s certainly a leggy vixen which we don’t mind casting our eyes on for she represents the fine tenets of what a sexy woman should be.

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