Indie Queen: Susana Gibb

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SUSANA GIBB has always brought depth to the myriad of roles she’s undertaken, leaving us with a sense of wonderment each time. Her ability to develop the complexity of characters defines her as a performer. Be it as a damsel in distress or as a perky housewife, she instills a soulfulness that’s consistently riveting. Could it be those ravishing green eyes of hers that keeps viewers coming back for more? With her snagging a part in the upcoming TV Series “Dallas” (continuing the tradition of classic soaps), watch for her to rise in prominence pretty soon.

SUSANA deserves praise for her portrayal in “The Other Side Of Paradise”, a gem of the independent scene. She added much offbeat charm to the road comedy starring fellow actress Arianne Martin. By far in one of the best indie stories I’ve seen, to be in awe of SUSANA’s is alluding to the bundles of talent she displays onscreen. On a day when i received close to 200 Birthday greetings where SUSANA was one of the first to post on my facebook wall, she deserves some love in return with this feature. She has also appeared in the much vaunted film “Earthling”, the trippy tale of aliens donning human form and proves yet again how comfortable she is in a host of genres. Accolades should be just around the corner for SUSANA…:)

Sizzling Cutie: Sara Lukasiewicz

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To be beguiled by SARA LUKASIEWICZ is to appreciate her mesmeric charms whenever she takes to the screen, stage or print. Seeing her in the sheer black dress (above) would confirm SARA as belonging to the Sexiest Actresses On The Planet List. She possesses an engaging appeal akin to someone like Anne Hathaway, weaving between foxy and innocence depending on the roles at hand. A lady of many talents, SARA is also a ballroom dancer, an improv performer and has even been a magician’s assistant. A little mystique goes a long way in drawing attention and this raven-haired brunette would derive such adulation pretty easily.

She’s currently shooting her upcoming feature “American Lie” in some high waisted skinny jeans and with the tale being about sexy horror vixens, expect SARA to sizzle! Another interesting fact about Sara was back in 2008, she appeared in a music video called “Singapore Sling” by country fusion artist Mick Reed. So by proxy she has some connection to the island of Singapore which is where I call home and that’s pretty fascinating….wonder if she’s tried the cocktail Singapore Sling which is already known globally…;) Would love to see her in the flesh someday and she’s the gal to watch in the coming months.