Blonde Bombshell: Dominika Wolski

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Enigmatic Polish hottie DOMINIKA WOLSKI is blessed with an energy that’s both enticing and refreshing. Viewers have already been treated to her magnetic personality in “Seattle Superstorm” which recently premiered on the SYFY Channel. She has often been compared to Cameron Diaz with her boundless charisma undeniably being an attractive draw. Her smooth, milky skin and striking beauty has parallels with a young Uma Thurman. As a model, she’s constantly striving to represent a mysterious look, ensuring your undivided attention. Having nabbed the leading lady role for the upcoming sci-fi horror flick “Dragon Wasps”, her star is on the rise!

With so much emphasis on being green and in light of the recent Earth Hour, DOMINIKA actively supports actors working for social and environmental change. Additionally, she’s also a writer and often sees herself as a multi-hyphenate involved in various creative pursuits. If you have a passion for intelligent and exquisite women, DOMINIKA would most certainly be on your list. She’s also in the social satire of human behavior called “Sex and Driking” (watch above) where she’s at an English pub and the crowd are all stark naked! With summer fast approaching, DOMINIKA is stirring quite the intense adulation…:) Watch her on TV this week in the sci-fi thriller “Dragon Wasps” where she’s know as Dominika Juillet.

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