Aussie Vixen: Kelly Walker

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Australian actresses are becoming the apple of many a director’s eye and KELLY WALKER is one lady we’ll be hearing a lot about soon. Just like Hanna Mangan- Lawrence who came from nowhere to headline “Spartacus:Vengeance” as well as superstar Teresa Palmer, the future augurs well for KELLY. Already her appearance in much talked about first installment in the web series “Sync!” by Corridor Digital would get her much exposure. Especially since Episode 1 has amassed 300,00+ views since its release on youtube. What better than a tale set in the year 2025 when mankind has created the first computerized human and with a sweetheart such as KELLY playing a significant part in the evolving story.

While she may have dropped her Aussie accent since her move from Brisbane to LA, she’s every bit as perky and its that every fun personality viewers will come to adore. You may have seen her debut in “Boogeyman 2” followed by a supporting role in oddball horror flick “Panman” and she’s been shining in several comedic webisodes. The KELLY WALKER OFFICIAL SITE is the best resource to check out her latest endeavors onscreen. If you’re as passionate about demure Blondes with an appealing factor, remember the name KELLY WALKER, a rising starlet in the making!