Rising Starlet: Tonya Cornelisse

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Complimenting TONYA CORNELISSE on her distinct etherealness is to admire a lady of many qualities. She so often seeks to deliver a unique experience with each performance, from Broadway to television as well as the big screen. Seen as one of the most fascinating emerging actresses, her flair for a menagerie of quirky characters leaves plenty of room for adoration. Notably she was excellent as a guest star on “NCIS”, playing a female prisoner with attitude, from flashing her boobs for her boyfriend to stirring things up. Be it up-front brunt or depicting subtleness, TONYA handles the finer points capably and versatility has always been her strong suit. Don’t miss her body of work at the TONYA CORNELISSE OFFICIAL SITE.

It’s great to know she has a connection to my island home, having appeared in “Robotropolis” which was shot in Singapore. Wish I had managed to catch her in the flesh during some of her scenes. It won’t be long before she becomes the talk of town with her upcoming feature “Crave” along side Ron Perlman and as well as indie feature “Yellow” along side Sienna Miller & Gena Rowlands in the pipeline.

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