Latin Vixen: Yareli Arizmendi

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Recognized as one of the most respected actresses of the modern era, YARELI ARIZMENDI has always been at the forefront of Latin cinema. Strong performances in dramas such as “Like Water for Chocolate” and “A Day Without a Mexican” has garnered adulation from all corners. Not only has YARELI embodied the kind of woman we see everyday so wonderfully, she lives and breaths the art of film-making. If you are making your way to the Dallas International Film Festival, she’s appearing in “Mariachi Gringo”, a tale of finding the passion in music and crossing borders to do it! Since my younger days, having a soft spot for Latin actresses was already inherent in me and it’s an honor to feature Miss YARELI on this very blog. Her versatility on screen has resonated with me and why not? This Mexican-born actress has an ethereal radiance that’s so genuinely divine, it’s a given to be in awe of such a talent.

I’m wishing for the chance to meet her in person and getting her autograph would be priceless. In fact, YARELI has also starred alongside Edward James Olmos in the amazing film “America” whom I also hope to meet one day. One only has to visit the YARELI ARIZMENDI OFFICIAL SITE to be astounded by the multi-faceted characters she has played over the years. Exuding sexiness as well as class, fans around the globe are bound to be captivated by her for many more years to come.

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