Rising Starlet: Jessica Lynn Smith

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Adorableness is a trait JESSICA LYNN SMITH has in abundance and she would have no problems catching our eye in an instant. It’s great to know talents like her for we get an early look at some of her upcoming projects. For instance, she’s one of a trio of gorgeous girls on the web series pilot “Sweet Mary & Jane. With “New Girl” and recently HBO’s “Girls” winning the hearts of viewers, there’s plenty of room for a fun story about a diverse group of entrepreneurial women. JESSICA and her peers collectively do have the sassy delights to propel “Sweet Mary & Jane” to entertaining heights. Just from face value, she already emits a desirability, inviting us to find out more about her. Thank you actresses all over the world for having me as your fan, it’s a blessing indeed.

Keep track of the blossoming career of this sweetheart at the JESSICA LYNN SMITH. As you will see from her reel, JESSICA has comedy in her blood yet she can switch to more dramatic roles if called upon. With her immensely huggable personality, you would want to be social with JESSICA no questions asked. It is evidently clear that she also has one of the merriest smiles in the business which has a most pleasant effect on us.

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