Texas Frightmare Weekend Hottie: Saucy Vixen Emily Kaye

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A statuesque beauty at 5″11′ with glorious hair, EMILY KAYE would command devotion from many a male fan. Add the fact that she kicks serious ass in the film “ZOMBEX” and we can’t wait to watch her be a scene-stealer. As the zombie killing machine Katy-Ann in “Zombex”, she’s the bane of those pesky brain eaters of the movie as she stars alongside horror greats Malcolm McDowell and Sid Haig. Remember to catch her at the Texas Frightmare Weekend this saturday @ 3pm if you’re in Dallas Texas where she’ll be promoting her film. A while back she was a go-go girl in a music video by Captain Clegg & The Night Creatures and she did some titillating dance sequences.

An accomplished model, EMILY’s work on print is equally sizzling with her toned body the centre piece of her sensuality. Just in time for summer you say and we all know how gals from Austin, Texas can generate quite the admiration during the hot months ahead. In the upcoming dark thriller “The Sinner”, she’s an agent of a mysterious group tasked to hunt down a vigilante. She has also appeared on the small screen, guest starring in shows such as “In Plain Sight” and “The Lying Game”. With her being such a dazzler, she’ll be fascinating us for quite some time…:)

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