Texas Frightmare Weekend Hottie: Rising Starlet Olivia Lacroix

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Actresses in Grindhouse films are often regarded as an addiction and OLIVIA LACROIX will soon rank as one of the hottest. As one of the stars of the exploitation film “Dear God No!”, her role as Evelyn Marco is regarded as being one of the creepiest. She does wear some freaky makeup in the film that’s brimming with Bikers, Strippers and even a Psychotic Bigfoot. There’s also plenty of limb removal to satiate gorehounds and OLIVIA will probably have a sinister say in proceedings. Let’s just say as Mrs Marco, she does indeed return from the grave! Luckily I’ve managed to connect with her online and personally I can’t wait to see her macabre performance.

If you’re heading to the Texas Frightmare Weekend, mark the date May the 4th as its the screening of “Dear God No!” at 12 midnight. With her stunning green eyes and kissable lips, let’s hope horror fans get a taste of the lovely OLIVIA in even more features. As a model, she has graced the WWE ring with “The Godfather” for several RAW events. In real life, OLIVIA is regarded as a bundle of fun and extremely approachable. She’s working the horror convention circuit so the time is ripe to show our appreciation for her…:)

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