Blonde Bombshell: Jackie Debatin

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Embodying some of the sexiest sirens on Film/TV with memorable names such as Ginger, Sunshine and Heaven Carrera, all signs point to the lusciousness of JACKIE DEBATIN. She’s played her fair share of enticing women on shows such as “Friends”, “That 70’s Show” “Two And A Half Men” and most memorably as Elizabeth The Stripper on “The Office”. Be it in a tight nurse outfit or a revealing camisole, she’s always a visual tease hence her other TV exploits as a Madam on “Veronica Mars” and a call girl on “Boston Legal”. Recently as Trish on “The Mentalist”, she wonderfully put on her Femme Fatale shoes and kept us guessing on her true intentions as all bad girls so often do. That raspy voice of hers is also quite the welcome distraction…:)

While her small screen endeavors through the years has got many talking, JACKIE has garnered affection from appearances in several comedies as well as independent features. This ever smiling talent would in a heartbeat be considered as sweet, spicy and everything in between. It’s about being enigmatic and JACKIE’s sparkling personality can indeed be infectious. Chances are she’s already captured your heart and will be doing so in the months ahead!

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