Sizzling Cutie: Nadine Nicole Heimann

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The extremely photogenic NADINE NICOLE HEIMANN has one of those faces that’s fascinating on so many levels. Her mixed ethnicity has given rise to the fact that NADINE is truly an exotic hottie. From her hazel eyes to her olive skin, we readily identify her as someone who has so many captivating qualities. She did however go against the grain in the drama “Paradise broken” as a one-time hula dancer turned prostitute and self-proclaimed photographer. The downward spiral from attractive woman to drug addict was excellently depicted by NADINE, ably filling the shoes of such a tortured persona.

There’s a collection of must-see clips at the NADINE NICOLE HEIMANN OFFICIAL SITE detailing her work on both the big and small screen. Not only is she a looker on film, NADINE’s work as a print model impeccably underlines her drop-dead gorgeous features. Many still remember her as the perky Van on “Dante’s Cove” where her fearlessness on the show made her a fan favorite! Her character’s forays into witchcraft and into Lesbian Love territory may have also contributed to numerous praises. How about having her in the next season of “The Secret Circle” as one of them Balcoin/Blackwell Witches…I’d see that in a heartbeat! When talking about mass appeal, NADINE would be more than capable of attracting a following…:)