Rising Starlet: Victoria Paege

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Victoria Paege is a natural born performer who on top of being an actress, has sparkled in the arena of cosplay, fetish and print modeling. Fresh off walking the runway in a circus steam-punk fashion show, she’ll be busy interviewing on behalf of comicbooked.com as well as being on the panel of her features at Phoenix Comicon 2012. This week alone from Friday till Sunday (25-27 May), Victoria is in the thick of the festival action so look out for her if you’re making your way to the geek convention. The stunning brunette appears in 2 independent films namely, “A Man Called Nereus” and “If It Kills You”, playing a pair of intriguing characters. Victoria’s bewitching eyes should have no problems having a hold on us…:)

Certainly, she’s known for being very approachable and blessed with a sense of humor which for me rings true having just met her online. Vivacity is the spice of life and Victoria has an unparalleled enthusiasm for the stuff she’s doing! The VICTORIA PAEGE OFFICIAL SITE is representative of her diverse forms of expression, from burlesque sauciness to the cute anime look. While she should already be a dream girl for many a nerd, there’ll be a deluge of affection coming her direction soon!