Blonde Bombshell: Jennifer Kristin Cox


JENNIFER KRISTIN COX is a sexpot who can be considered as God’s Gift To men around the world. Having already appeared in high profile TV shows such as “Criminal Minds” and “House M.D.”, she did flash her boobs on the erotically-charged “Chemistry”, cementing her status as a very delectable performer. Representing the new wave of starlets destined to make their mark this year, she’s heating up Summer in 2 upcoming features. First is the colorful feature film “Agua Caliente” followed by her turn as dream girl BAMBI in the comedy “Escort Service”. Her character apparently has an appetite for older men which can only mean one thing! She’s the jailbait likely to entice a long line of skirt-chasers. It’s a thing of beauty when an actress can cleverly tease us as the personage of desire.

Seeing how voluptuously foxy JENNIFER is off camera, there’ll be plenty of craving from viewers alike. Her MODEL MAYHEM PAGE has a collection of pics that taps on her natural sexiness guaranteed to drive us wild! Some of us may say pheromones are somehow responsible for the attraction we guys have for beautiful women but JENNIFER exudes an instantly noticeable brand of allure. The fun energy she posseses does make her a magnet for ardor and we are highly anticipating her future, possibly even more beguiling roles.

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