Sizzling Cutie: America Young

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America Young is yet another multi-talented actress we’ll be raving about with wondrous abandon. “Your pieces are so beautifully written” was the glowing commendation given to me by Miss America which was a very pleasant gesture on her part. Returning the favor means it’s essential to feature her on this blog. Furthermore, she hails from Santa Fe, New Mexico which for me is one of my dream destinations hence her scoring of more points with me…:) America is the leading lady of short film “Times Become You” at this year’s Dances With Film with the trailer suggesting she’s a naggy wife getting on her husband’s nerves. Begs the question, if your significant other is so adorable, are you willing to let slide her unwelcome behavior and not make a change in your life?

Plenty of interesting news is brewing on the AMERICA YOUNG OFFICIAL SITE, notably her stint as a host on the comic review youtube channel World of Heroes. Check out the “Earth 2 #1 And Voltron” webisode (above) where we’re treated to two versions of AMERICA YOUNG, a double delight! Don’t you wish for a chick fight after watching it…;) Her quirky magnetism will win you over in no time! Dances with Films 2012 may have come to a close but America and her indie peers are perpetually in our minds as we’re endlessly captivated by their radiance.

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