Rising Starlet: Tiffany Tynes

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Season 2 of “Femme Fatales” returns with a bevy of beauties such as TIFFANY TYNES who provided the raunchy factor from the very first episode. We do appreciate the efforts of Cinemax in introducing some of the sexiest women on television and TIFFANY excelled in the erotic scenes of “16 Minutes of Fame”. After all, “Femme Fatales” is an unbridled showcase of the seductive power of women and kudos to TIFFANY for taking on such a racy part as Tina, one of the lusty cast members of Big Brother-like reality show ‘The Hot House’. Her luscious lips are a huge turn-on as is her desirable body which viewers will affirm after watching her.

TIFFANY did start out as a print model at a very tender age and is now steadily growing as an upcoming talent. As I’ve reiterated before, the attractive nature of the girls of “Femme Fatales” stems from them being so affable in real life. Receptive to fans around the world, they’ve more than charmed their way into our lives by being down-to-earth as TIFFANY has done ever since I’ve contacted her. It’s really about being as beautiful as one can be both on and off screen as a performer. Once that’s achieved, naturally admirers will gravitate towards you and TIFFANY should have her own set of affectionate fans soon enough.

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