Ravishing Redhead: Kat Sheridan

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Ginger-haired vixen KAT SHERIDAN does indeed have the crave factor, her perfectly toned figure being one of her many desirable attributes. She also has an easygoing demeanor and has so kindly forwarded me several juicy updates, notably her appearance in the horror flick “The Red House”. After having seen the trailer (above), this is one thriller with a very attractive cast namely Cristen Coppen and Jean Louise O’Sullivan, the duo of sweethearts who I’ve featured before. Appearing as the gorgeous character Chelsea, KAT herself will likewise be coveted and seeing how she loves to cosplay, there’ll be plenty of devotees from the geek world too. How can one not be attracted to her, especially seeing that she’s taken on the persona of Wonder Woman at conventions.

THE OFFICIAL KAT SHERIDAN BLOG reveals her passion for role-playing and is acting as well as producing a web series about Cosplay and comic book culture called “Just Cos“. That’s cause for celebration as she’s likely to dazzle as a comic fanboy Dream girl and soon an upcoming Scream Queen once “The Red House” is released. Twice the reason to keep our eyes riveted on KAT as she progressively makes a name for herself.

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