TV Vixen: Kayla Mae Maloney

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Beguilingly adorable is the essence of rising starlet KAYLA MAE MALONEY and her personable charm has a worldwide appeal. When there’s a host of lovelies such as Miss KAYLA grabbing our attention, Television has indeed become the gift that keeps on giving. She is currently guest starring as Dr Miranda Buckley on Season 3 of “The Glades” and is turning into the thorn in Callie’s (Kiele Sanchez) side. The beef between the two looks to be heading to an unavoidable conflict and as Miranda, KAYLA shines as the icy doctor. Hers is a truthful performance and we can’t wait to see if all the pent-up resentment of her character boils over in upcoming episodes, which happens to screen tomorrow, the first week of July 2012.

KAYLA’s fetching ebullience is pretty addictive and one only has to view the interview (above) from the Hallmark Channel’s TV Movie “Undercover Bridesmaid” to be enamored…:). Starring alongside Brooke Burke (who is an undercover bodyguard), KAYLA appears as Betsy, a beautiful bridesmaid attending the wedding party of a spoiled rich girl despite inklings of death threats. Apparently KAYLA gets lassoed in one of the scenes from the romantic comedy! All this sounds so fascinating as are her anecdotes on the KAYLA MAE MALONEY TUMBLER SITE. Her post on “Top Ten Reasons To Watch “The Glades” is enjoyably tongue-in-cheek. Everyone will be showing her devotion in no time at all…:)

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