Quirky Saucy: Kat Primeau

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Effervescence is a trait synonymous with the very pretty KAT PRIMEAU, an adept performer who also happens to be a singer. Everyone should already know how enthusiastic I can be when featuring cute blondes and lavishing KAT with fondness comes naturally. There’s a sweetness revolving around her and she has a bouncy liveliness that’s certain to bring a smile to anyone’s face. How about her penchant for experimental music where she’s known as one-half of Su.meau and with the duo’s upcoming album in the works, KAT’s stirring up a bundle of excitement. In the arena of improv comedy, she has lit up the stage in a myriad of plays, a standout thanks to her consistently engaging performances.

Visit the KAT PRIMEAU OFFICIAL SITE and you can read up on all the glowing reviews she’s received in the different mediums she’s dramatized. This beauty from Ohio would easily be ranked in the crop of sweethearts we adore and while many could point out how similar her looks are to Kate Hudson, the charisma KAT possesses are distinctively hers. Check her out as a slightly neurotic woman entertaining thoughts of divorcing her husband in the funny short “Silly Pants”. When it comes to eccentricity onscreen, KAT is persuasively delightful be it in deadpan mode or eliciting laughter from her captive audience. A perky, joyful talent such as Miss KAT PRIMEAU is one to savor…:)

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