Euro Vixen: Sylvia Hoeks

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It’s been a while since a bewitching actress from the European continent made her presence felt here and SYLVIA HOEKS will surely leave us all besotted. Widely regarded as one of the most promising young talents from Europe, this Dutch ingenue has blossomed into a much sought screen siren. Nabbing the leading lady role alongside Geoffrey Rush and Donald Sutherland in “The Best Offer”, she’s set to scale international heights. Her ability to maintain a sense of mystique when in character has seen her play everything from a Lolita to an emotionally-damaged woman. The crowning glory has to be the Oscars 2011 entry “Tirza”, an intense tale of a father’s love for his favorite daughter where SYLVIA dazzled and came to such prominence at an early stage of her career.

Already SYLVIA is generating buzz for her new film “The Girl and Death” where she’s Elise, the love of an old Russian doctor who returns to the spot where he first felt passionately for her. Who wouldn’t be smitten by the delicate etherealness of the beautiful SYLVIA and she is the progeny of fascination in the tragic romance. The SYLVIA HOEKS OFFICIAL SITE is the place to get ourselves familiar with this breathtaking starlet. Likewise, professing our rapturous affection for her would resonantly follow suit.

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