Rising Starlet: Rachel Alig

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Tipped to be a blossoming leading lady, RACHEL ALIG has a red-hot sexiness that’s unforgettable. Just as her blissfully sweet performance in “Bikini Spring Break”, RACHEL goes beyond being a sex bomb onscreen and genuinely shines in the light-hearted moments of the raunchy comedy. Granted her curves are 100% delectable in or out of a bikini, the stunning brunette possesses the versatility to portray sentiments from funny to the more vampish. One may say we’ve been fed our share of band camp sex romps and the foxy women in them yet RACHEL offers a freshly humorous spin on her kooky character Alice. While “Bikini Sping Break” is reminiscent of say “Revenge Of The Nerds” seeing how the ultimate geek Robert Carradine guest stars, the film is a love affair we can’t stop indulging in.

A lot of credit should be shown to RACHEL and the largely female cast for affirming there’s entertaining stories to be told even if the sight of boobies are now commonplace. You will be vividly enthralled with RACHEL’s upcoming role as Becky Rooks in “Officer Down”, a young female rookie cop who experiences a loss of control during a routine traffic stop where she is assaulted. She’s stepping up her game in an emotionally-charged dramatization of the human frailty of life when things can often go sideways. You can almost perceive a big part is due to fall into the lap of one as talented as RACHEL…:)

3 thoughts on “Rising Starlet: Rachel Alig

    1. Rachel makes the scenes, the movie loveable. Her overt raw sexy comedy is smart and hot. She’s in different league than the other talent.

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