Indie Princess: Cadden Jones

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Cultivating an appreciation for CADDEN JONES feels so right when she’s a vision of elegance and striking captivation. She’s the sort one can profess much praise for she’s dazzled as an actress on film, television and stage. At Comic Con 2012, her movie “The Absence” is premiering at the Independent Film Festival on July 12th so we’ll be treated to her loveliness. This despite “The Absence” having a suspenseful edge with CADDEN in the role of Karen Gardner who together with her son Jonathan faces up to dark forces plaguing their town. She’s fascinatingly accessible giving us a glimpse of how well she depicts vulnerability onscreen.

Her participation in numerous Off Broadway and Regional productions including West Side Story has seen so many positive reviews. CADDEN also appears in national and regional television commercials, her versatility across mediums is a useful trait. Make sure to drop by the CADDEN JONES OFFICIAL SITE to watch videos and commercials she has starred in. When it comes to singing, CADDEN’s vocal ability is so impressive, one reviewer proclaimed she never misses a beat. When it comes to her inviting features, CADDEN’s smile has always been a standout. She’s so likable many a viewer will be infatuating over her in no time…:)

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