Sexy Siren: Stacey Storey

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It’s always a feeling of euphoria featuring hot, talented women and STACEY STOREY is both a beauty and creative force. She is of course Miss Alaska 2011, stunning with a cherubic sweetness that will have us wishing she was our BFF in a hurry. In fact she’s 1/3 of the gorgeous producing team with Brea Grant and Vera Miao who collectively are bringing a fresh spin on apocalyptic fiction. Their feature “Best Friends Forever” is a micro budget indie yet the visuals throughout are beautifully arresting. Check out the fascinating interview (above) as STACEY, Brea and Vera give us details of their visionary film which brings together the genres of horror,sci-fi as well as intimacy in one experiential storytelling. I’m hoping this gets a huge following around the world and that “Best Friends Forever” screens in Asia!

STACEY is an exotic mix of Thai/German/Irish, making her one of the most exquisite faces in the industry today. Her precious smile and personality would already ensure perennial interest as will her commendable endeavors offscreen. Keep updated on her ventures in the bright lights of LA at the STACEY STOREY OFFICIAL SITE and you’ll find her colorful lifestyle is definitely an enthralling read. Don’t you just love it when actresses have a bountiful of assets and we are so lucky to be wowed by the inspirational STACEY STOREY.

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